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🌶️ Sweet and Sour Pickled Peppers Recipe

Learn how to make a delicious sweet and sour pickled peppers recipe with Just Pickling. This easy-to-follow recipe requires bell peppers, apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt, and pickling spices.

Sweet and Sour Pickled Peppers Recipe

You will need:

  • Bell peppersBell peppers
  • Apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar
  • SugarSugar
  • SaltSalt
  • Pickling spicesPickling spices


  1. Start by slicing your bell peppers and packing them into clean jars.
  2. Heat the apple cider vinegar, sugar, and salt in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves.
  3. Pour the hot liquid over the peppers, ensuring they are fully submerged.
  4. Seal the jars and let them cool before storing them in the fridge.


For a sweeter taste, add extra sugar to the vinegar mixture.

Take your taste buds on a tangy adventure with our Sweet and Sour Pickled Peppers Recipe. This recipe is a delightful blend of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors that will surely add a zing to your meals. Whether you're a pickling pro or a beginner, this recipe is easy to follow and requires only a handful of ingredients.

Bell peppers are the star of this recipe, but did you know that you can pickle a wide variety of foods? If you're curious about what else you can pickle, check out our FAQ on other foods that can be pickled. You'll be surprised at the possibilities!

Now, back to our sweet and sour pickled peppers. The secret to achieving the perfect balance of sweet and sour lies in the apple cider vinegar and sugar. If you prefer your pickles on the sweeter side, feel free to add extra sugar to the vinegar mixture. For those who love a good kick, consider adding some spice when pickling.

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Remember, pickling is not just about preserving food; it's also about enhancing flavors and creating unique combinations that excite the palate. So why not get creative and try pickling some of the vegetables from your garden? Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite pickle recipe!

So, ready to dive into the world of pickling? Grab your bell peppers, apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt, and pickling spices, and let's get started on this sweet and sour pickled peppers recipe. Happy pickling!